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Doubting Thomas



To help us understand who Jesus was and why he had to die for us. (based on the Old Testament scriptures)

Scripture Basis:

Daniel 9:21-27, Isa. 7:14, Isa 53 and 2 Cor 8:9


  • Thomas - Male
  • Interview Host: as desired
  • 3 Scripture Readers


  • Thomas is wearing overalls, and a T shirt and has a straw hat


  • Hillbilly with similar accent (instructions in parenthesis)


  • Thomas has long piece of grass in his mouth

Thomas (On Entry): I jus can't believe it .. nope unless I can see it - I won't be believe'n it. I wasn't born yesterday ya know. Ö. I wish it hadn't happened too but I just can't believe it less I see it with my own eyes .. whoaaa nelly ,.. what's this .. where am I ?Ö. (rubbing eyes)

Host: Interrupting Ö Hey , are you Thomas, Doubting Thomas

Thomas: Yeah, that's me .. who are you and where am I?

 Host: This is the Wednesday night live show and you, Thomas, are in the 20th century. We have brought you into the future to interview you. Would you be open to letting us ask a few questions? Why don't you come over here and sit down.

Thomas: Well OK, guess it'll be Ok. (moves to couch)

Host: So you're Doubting Thomas ..

Thomas: Yep, that's me

Host: So how did you ever get a name like Doubting Thomas?

Thomas: Well, my friends call me that cause I ain't so gullible like other people these days - nope my ma didnít raise no fool. I don't believe nothin til I see's it for myself. Yep - if you wants me to believe somethin, You gots to show me.

Host: Now, when you came in you were talking about not being able to believe something - what was it?

Thomas: Well, jus a'fore I's showed up here, some of my good ol friends were telling me that they seen Jesus alive and kickin again. They said he arised from the dead. And I'm jus not going to believe it till I see him for myself and can put my fingers in the nail holes in his hands.

Host: Oh I see, mmmmmm. That's right, you were one of Jesus's disciples weren't you.

Thomas: Yep - shhorre was.

Host: Well lets talk about that for a minute Ö since you were one of his disciples I suppose you got to spend a lot of time with him.

Thomas: Yep - shhorre did.

Host: So, who do you think He was?

Thomas: Welllll Ö (thinking a minute) .. up until a few days ago I figured he might be the Messiah. Ö(pauses) but then he went an got hisself killed like a common thief. Man did he get hisself messed up.

Host: The messiah? Why did you think He was the Messiah?

Thomas: Well cause of all the miracles he could do. See, the Messiah's someone we's been a waitin for, for a long time. Ya see, He's someone that God promised that he would sen' down here to us to save us from awl the trouble in this heah world and be our king. Jesus told us that he was the promised one and we started believin it cause of all them miracles and cause he seemed to know jus about everythin.

Host: When did God promise this.

Thomas. (thinking) Well, back in the time of that prophet fella Isaiah. In the Holy Scriptures he tol us .. Lets see how did that go .. oh yeah he said that "a chile would be born, a son, and the govament would be put on his shoulders. And he would be called Wonerful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlas'ing Father, the Prince of Peace. He also said that He would reign on King David's throne and over all his kingdom, from that time on and for eva and eva..

Host: Hmmm. So why have you changed your mind?

Thomas: Cause he's dead now - I seen 'im crucified with ma own eyes.

Host: And why don't you think its possible that he's risen from the dead like your friends say.

Thomas: Cause I aint seen it. And that would be too big a miracle for me to believe cause people jus don't raise theirselves from the dead. Nope, my daddy dinndt raise no fool, no sir .

Host: Well, I don't think your daddy raised a fool either but I think you might be wrong about this. You see in our time we also have the Holy Scriptures and the book of Isaiah.

Thomas: You do! What about the book of Daniel .. thas my favorite, do yas have it too?

Host: Well I'm glad you asked. Yes we do and I want you to read some of it tonight if you would like.

Thomas: Well yes'sir I would.

Host: You see the passage you recalled came from Isaiah chapter 9, but I want you to listen to one of our students read from Isa chapter 53.

Reader 1 - (Reads Isa chapter 53 out loud)

Host: You see, here we see another prophecy of Isaiah that says that the Messiah would be despised and rejected and would die.

Thomas: Wow .. I neva knew this was bout the Messiah!

Reader 2: Now Thomas, what year is it in your time?

Thomas: Well itís the year 483.

Host: 483 ? How can it be 483 AD , Jesus just died a few days ago in your time

Thomas: No, No not 483 AD, 483 AT .. AT means "after the temple. See we measure all our years from that glorious day when the king of Persia issues a decree to let us rebuild our temple.

Host : Ohh Ok good. Now lets listen to another of our students read from the Book of Daniel

Reader 2 Reads Daniel 9:21-27

Host: Now Thomas ,do you know how multiply?

Thomas: Well sure, my daddy didnít raise no dummy.

Host: Ok so what's 62x7 plus 7x7.

Thomas: Well lets see, thatís ..(thinks) 62x7 is 434 and 7x7 is 49, so all together that's Ö..thatís Ö.. thatís Ö.483.

Host: Thomas, it was revealed to the prophet Daniel that the Messiah would be cut off , 483 years after the decree you talk about. Didn't you know this?

Thomas: Ahhh, no I didn't . Our priests never actually let us read the scriptures ourselves. They just read them for us and told us about them.

Host: Now I think we have one more student who has a question for you.

Reader 3: Mr Thomas - what does the Hebrew name Emmanuel mean?

Thomas: Well, it kinda means ,God is with us.

Host: Let's read from Isaiah Chapter 7 verse 14

Reader 3 : (Reads Isa 7:14)

Host: Thomas - you said you just couldn't believe Jesus could rise from the dead. That it was just too big a miracle to believe. But I would like you to consider that real difficulty of the story of the Messiah is not in believing that he could rise from the dead, but rather that Jesus was God the creator could become a human baby. Do you really grasp that the squalling helpless baby in the manger was the same person who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you realize that the boy of 12 who left at the tabernacle by his parents was no less than He who parted the Red Sea. And do you understand that the man you loved, the very Jesus who suffered on the cross was none other than the Creator. Think about it Thomas, it's true!

Host (continues) Now Thomas, you probably think that the Romans are you your greatest enemy, but the truth is that your own sin is what condemns you. Jesus said we should not fear those who can kill just the body, but instead we should fear Him who can destroy our soul in Hell. Isaiah 3 makes it clear the Messiah had to come and die first to destroy that enemy by taking your punishment for your sin on himself. Do you remember what John the Baptist said when he saw Jesus?

Thomas: (stands and speaking humbly now) He said - "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world". Ö. (pause) ÖOh, how blind I have been, I have been looking for a king before I looked for the savior. (now falling to his knees and raising his arms) My Lord and My God!

Closing Message:

Host: (addressing audience) : Just like Thomas here, your greatest enemy is your own lack of belief. Some of you here tonight need to come face to face with the truth and accept it. The baby who came at Christmas was none other than the Creator and he came to die for you. 2nd Corinthians tells us;

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. 2 Cor 8:9 (NIV)

Will you accept this tonight? - Will you believe he died for you. If so come and join Thomas here as we pray.

(If you have good response let the invitation will end the session .. no need to change the serious tone of the moment by sending Thomas back in time)

* * *