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The Six Commitments of Marriage

  1. Marriage is a commitment to God to care for the one you have chosen and children you may have. This is not to be entered into lightly and is not "for the short run". The execution of the marital support system is a big deal to God! See the book of Numbers, Chapter 30.

  2. Marriage requires a commitment to courage. In order to extend one's self to another in an action of love one must have sufficient courage to overcome the inertia of selfishness, the risk of confrontation, and the fear of rejection.

  3. Marriage requires a commitment to acts of love and service. In order to truly show love to another we must consider ourselves as a servant to them. We must regularly convert our loving thoughts and feelings into actions of love.

  4. Marriage requires a commitment to confrontation. We must recognize that each of us have needs and emotions. We must be able to lovingly confront our spouses with our feelings. We must consistently express our feelings and needs with humility.

  5. Marriage requires a commitment to separateness. Despite the nurturing acts of love we perform we must maintain the distinction between ourselves and the one we love. Although marriage has attributes of oneness, we must avoid an attitude of "ownership" of the other.

  6. And finally, marriage requires a commitment to discipline. A relationship of love is maintained through regular consistent application of the above listed commitments throughout our lives. The commitments must be followed day by day, year after year. Love is not made. It is maintained.

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