Ownership vs. Obedience

Today, responsible people are often motivated by an attitude of ownership. They take ownership for the tasks they are given and work hard on them. The problem with this is that while ownership produces responsibility it also produces stress and worry when things go poorly and pride when things go well.

For a Christian however there is an another attitude that produces responsibility, it is an attitude of simple obedience to God. Tasks undertaken with an attitude of obedience do not cause stress or inspire pride because the person is not the "owner" of the outcome, God is. (1 Cor 2:4-5) Obedience also has the additional benefit in that it produces faith .. something extremely valuable to God. (1 Peter 1:6-7)

Recognizing this, I submit that a large part of what we call "Christian Burn-out", comes from service directed by an attitude of ownership. Service directed by an attitude of obedience does not result in burn-out because God does not overwork his children. (1 John 5:3)

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