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Lot & the Salt Lady


To help us understand that the battle against sin should be fought from as far away as possible.

Scripture Basis:

Gen 14 & 19 , 1 Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 2:22, James 1:15-16, 1 John 2:15-16


  • Lot - Male
  • Interview Host: as desired


  • Lot has baggy pants, T-shirt with evil group symbols, a mostly burned up ball cap, earings, and an arm tatoo.


  • Lot puts on a "cool" attitude (instructions in parenthesis)


  • Lot carries a white statue of a woman (plastic or plaster as available)
  • Host has camera flash unit that can be manually triggered

Lot (On Entry): Whoa man - Where am I? Is it over yet? Man what an explosion.! I smell something burning (Lot sniffs the air). (looks around) Hey, my hat's on fire (Lot takes off hat and stomps on it until smoldering stops, then he puts it back on and smiles at the audience) Hey Dudes, say is this heaven? Have I arrived at the pearly gates?

Host: No, Lot, No, I assure you. This is only a temporary visit to the future. This is the Wednesday night live show and you are in the 21st century. We have brought you into the future to interview you. Would you be open to answering a few questions?

Lot: Sure man, that's cool.

Host: Well why don't you come over here and sit down.

Lot: Ok. (Lot moves to the couch walking with a "cool" walk)

Lot: (while walking) Say this is a nice place.

Host: So, Lot we understand you live in the city Sodom? What's it like there?

Lot: Oh, Wow .. you know its really cool, I mean like not only is there lots on stuff to do but like they have the best restaurants, the most expensive theaters, the best shows, and lots of gambling and parties.

Host: Wow!

Lot: Yeah and these parties are really crazy man Ė you wouldn't believe 'em. See the people there, they get really drunk and then they use all these kind of weird drugs and get really crazy. (Lot moves closer to Host and whispers) "They even have orgies and other weird stuff too". (Lot returns to normal voice) Now me and the wife donít actually do any of these bad things but we like to go and watch the others cause like man they are really hilarious to watch. Me and the wife (lot looks at his statue briefly) Ė we just laugh and laugh and laugh. Yep life in Sodom is never dull.

Host: So Lot I see you're wearing a ball cap that's just been on fire. What up with that?

Lot: Oh, yeah Ė Well it all started when I guess God saw all that crazy stuff going on down there in Sodom and since he didnít like it, He like decided to blow up the place. Now for some reason which I really appreciate, he sent some Angels to tell us to get out first so we wouldnít get blown up too. That was really nice of him. Anyway the Angels came yesterday evening and after we saw them in the mall we asked 'em to stay in our house that night 'cause the mall is a really dangerous place to stay. You know, all the crazies are out. (pause) Anyway, it was a good thing too, cause a bunch of high dudes came by and almost broke down my door to get at them Angels anyway. (Lot leans over to whisper again) "They wanted to have sex with them." (Lot returns to normal voice) Then they kept us up really late trying to beat down our door. I was sure they were going break it down but finally the Angels did something to them so they went blind and went away, then we got some sleep.

Now this morning when we all woke up, the Angels told us to leave the city and run. We were all tired from all the action last night so we didnít want to leave, but them Angels actually dragged us out of the city and then told us to run and not to look back. So we started to run and suddenly there was this major roar and huge explosion behind us. Then all these little bits of burning rocks that were real stinky starting falling around us and I guess some of them must have hit my hat and lit it on fire.

Host: Wow! What an adventure!

Lot: Yep, major action man.

Host: So what's that your holding, it looks like a statue.

Lot: Oh, thatís just my wife. See while we were running, she stopped and looked back when she heard the explosion. The angel told us not too, but I guess she had the curiosity. Anyway, I was too scared to look back but as soon as she did, she suddenly just turned into this statue. Funny Ė she kind of tastes like salt.. (Lot licks the statues head and sighs) Well, I guess Iím going to miss her, (suddenly Lot smiles) but lets look on the bright side Ė I donít have to buy salt anymore, and these days its really expensive.

Host: Mmmm, Well I'm sorry to hear about your wife, do you have any children?

Lot: Yeah sure man, I've two daughters .. and I had two sons-in-law but they stayed in Sodom cause they thought the angels were joking. I guess theyíre toast now. (Lot laughs - Ha Ha) .. All joking aside though, its my daughters that Iím most worried about Ė I hope they made it safe and didnít look back like their mother. If they donít make it Iím gonna feel really bad.

Host Why is that?

Lot: Well cause, last night I did something really bad to Ďem. See when the men were tying to get in to rape the angels, I .. (Lot chokes and acts embarrassed) I offered them my daughters if they would leave the angels and me alone. (pause) My daughters were so scared. This morning they just shunned me. I hope I get the chance to make it up to them.

Host: So your family has really been messed up by your little vacation in Sodom.

Lot: (sheepishly) Yeah I guess so.

Host: And I hear that its not the first time your family has been frightened by your decisions. Didnít you all get captured in a war last year?

Lot: Oh, you heard about that Ė Well yes, we were all captured when these four kings invaded Sodom and its neighboring town named Gomorrah. They took all our stuff and us away. They would have made slaves of me and raped my daughters except, my uncle Abram came with a bunch of his men and rescued us just in time. (pause) You know, now that I think about it, I guess that living is Sodom wasnít such a good idea. Even though God has protected me from the destruction, all my family members have been injured in some way . My wife and sons-in-law are dead and my daughters no longer respect me. (pause head down) You know, Abram warned me not to go live in Sodom. I should have listened. I should have stayed away.

Host: So have you learned anything through this?

Lot: Well, I think that maybe its better to stay far away from sin, cause if you get close to it, somehow it just gets on you.

(Lot now leaves character and addresses the audience) :

All through history men have known that fighting battles up close is a good way to get hurt or killed. If you look at the history of warfare, man is always trying to build a weapon that can fight the battle from further away. We have learned that the further away from the enemy you are, the safer you are. We fight best when we are the least exposed to the enemy. A long time ago men fought with swords, then came spears, then bows and arrows, then guns, then cannons, then planes. Today we even have missiles that can strike the enemy thousands of miles away.

The Bible tells us that the best way to fight the battle against sin, is by staying away from it. The battle should not be fought near the action but way back when the action is being conceived as a thought.

Read James 1:15-16 and then 2 Tim 2:22 ..

(Lot now returns to character)

Lot: Please Mr. Host Ė I want to go back to my time now. I want to find out if my daughters are alive and see it I can make up for the way I have exposed them to sin and suffering these last years. I hope they will speak to me again.

Host: Well ok but I have to erase your memory of this first. Thatís a very important rule of time travel. Look right here and close your eyes. (Host points to flash unit and triggers it when Lots eyes are closed. They he guides Lot back into the time machine.

Closing Message:

(Host turns to audience) Well maybe I shouldn't have erased his memory of this because the Bible records that Lot did not make good decisions where he went back, instead of repairing his relationship with his daughters, he went home, got drunk and even had sex with them. Many years later, their descendents became a source of great trouble to Gods people, the nation of Israel.

Host reads 1 John 2:15-16

Do you love the world's ways? Is the evil in our society and on TV today just a big joke to you? If so, learn from Lot. It will get on you if you don't fight the battle from way, way back

* * *