The Benefit of Losing 





 To teach kids that in conflict a physical struggle is best avoided and when it comes to words, there is actually a benefit in losing.




A PineWood Batte Bots competition .Plans are available : Email us for a copy


Post Event Discussion


Discussion:  Discuss the Competition .. how did it feel to win .. how did it feel to lose? .. Did you notice that in the battle bot competion the winners were actually  those who avoided the physical conflict ?


- Describe a winner ..

- Describe a loser ..


- Why is winning important ? ... in Sports ..? in Fights ?  Arguments?

- Why is losing so undesireable ?


Read Matt 5:38-42  and Rom 12:17-21


We have all heard these verses .. but most of us find them impossibe to apply .. Why is it so hard to show love to someone who hurts you?  Discuss.


Key Message:  One reason we find it hard not to retaliate against someone who hurts us is because we do not see the benefit to ourselves to actually lose. Lets see what God says about losing.





Matt 16:24-26

Luke 9:24, 17:3

To save our life we must be willing to lose it. To seek to save ourselves and build for ourselves  the worlds way will only reult in the loss of our life.

Gaining eternal life because we give up our will to act like Christ

Mark 8:35

Matt 10:38-39

Whoever loses his life for Christ sake and for the sake of the gospel will save his own life

Ganing eternal life because we lose for Christs sake and to bring people to Christ (the sake of the Gospel)

1 Cor 10:23 and  32-33

be constructive .. seek the good of others not your own.

The body of Christ (kingdom of God) is built up and others will not stumble because of your actions, instead they will be saved

Prov 15:1

A persons anger is increased by harsh words, but treating one with love and understanding stops the anger spiral which usually ends in conflict

avoid the conflict and its consequences

Phil 3:7-8

Matt 6:19-20


Eveything is worth losing compared to Christ and the eternal life you gain

Gaining eternal life and treasure in Heaven that will not fade.

 Rom 12:17-21

Do not take revenge on others, let God handle the payback if it is his will.  

Overcome evil with Good.







Read 1 Cor 9:24-27


Key Message: When the Olympics are happening many millions of people stop what they are doing and turn all their attention to watching the games, games that last a few moments each and are meaningless for them.  Remember, the real competion in the world today, the real race,  is the one for the souls of men and women and for the eternal rewards God offers. These come from from bringing people to Christ and supporting them. For this race and this cause,  Paul who wrote 1 Corinthians forced himself to do what his body and mind did not want to.


Consider this,  the next time you are willing to fight to win!