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The First Brothers


To help us understand the nature of substitutional  sacrifice.  

Scripture Basis:

Genesis story of Cain and Able, Rom 6:1-6 : Rom 3:23


  • Cain - Male
  • Abel  - Male 
  •  Interview Host: as desired
  • Voice of God .. Male with deep voice


  • Both dresses as farmers


  • Able has a goat, Able a flower arrangement


Scene 1:


(Cain & Abel emerge from time machine w/ goat & Cain’s Best Flower arragement.  They are taking about something but freeze as they see the group. )

Abel: “Where are we?

Cain: I think we took  a wrong turn back there at the fork of the Euphrates River?

Host: Meets them and explains show – both sit down)


Host  Say  what have you guys got with you , a goat and a flower arragement

Abel: Well we have both sinned against God and are going to see Him to ask for forgiveness. These are our offerings to sacrifice to God.

Cain: Brother .. (in anger)  you didn’t have use the “sin” word. You could have just said we going to visit God or something.

Host Sin, huh – well what was it you did?

Abel:  Well I have been lying to my dad about some stuff.

Host:  Who’s your Dad?

Abel : Adam

Host Oh yeah Adam the first man, cool!  – Cain what was it you did?

Cain:  Nothing big, in fact it was nothing really. I just got into this situation with my sister.  I mean she even started it by calling me a jerk . All I did was punch her in the face. She didn’t even need stitches. I think it will help her develop character.

Host   So you guys are going to see God. Where do you go to find Him?

Abel: Well we go down to the alter that my dad Adam built many years ago. There we burn our scarifies.    

Cain: Yeah, we’ve been going down to that dumb old alter since we were kids.  I think we should build a new one closer to home.  One with a gas burner so we don’t have to chop all the wood when we get there.

Host .When you are there, Do you actually get to actually see God personally ?

Abel: Well  not exactly. He’s not like us with a body but we can talk to him and hear him there.

Cain: Yeah , well some times I think that that voice is not really God, but I guess it is cause I can’t see anybody else talking.

Abel:  Cain – don’t , don’ talk about God that way. 

Host.So how come you have a goat and Cain, you have a flower arrangement?

Abel:  God told us to bring a male lamb or goat for our offering. He was very specific. See, I have a goat without any sores or blemishes with me.

Cain: I didn’t want to take the time to buy a lamb or a goat and anyway, I have my very best flower arrangement  here that I made myself and besides, my sin was quite small. I am sure they will pay the penalty.

Abel: This is what we were arguing about just before we came here, I was trying to get Cain to remember that  God said that our best work cannot pay for our sin. He said if we sin the penalty is death but if we brought him a male lamb or goat as a substitute he would forgive us.

Cain: I never understood that. I never understood why a lamb is better than my flower. Goats are your thing, your a shepherd but I like to grow flowers. You will see. My arrangement will be enough. Besides I think your goat is a cruel offering, why should it have to die because you lied. At least I’m not killing any animals.


(Cain gets up and moves to the center of the stage)


Cain: You know I used to believe all that lamb and goat stuff when I was young like you. But now I’ve grown up and have gained the wisdom of the world. I’ve leaned to take responsibility for myself. I’m no longer a child like you who still believes that the blood of lambs and goat makes us acceptable to God.   …. And besides … I’m tired of that old  boring goat sacrifice, C,mon I’ll show you – God will really like what I’ve done. You’ll see.


         Hey mister show Host , send us back now , so I can show my brother he’s wrong.


(Return into time Machine)

(Host Explains that the time machine has been improved so we can actually listen to what happens to our guest after they go back.)


Scene 2: 

Before God (Cain and Abel behind the stage - audio only)


Abel: Lord, I have sinned against you by lying to my father - and as always you already know the details.

God: Yes Abel I know

Abel:  I know I deserve death but see I have brought a male goat to offer as a substitute to take my penalty. I am sorry and have decided to not to pursue this sinful way  any more. Please forgive me.

God: You are forgiven. Go and sin no more.

Abel: Yes Lord, thank you. ..


 Abel: Cain, I’m done its your turn now

Cain: OK – now watch this brother. 


Cain: Lord I also have sinned against you but it was really nothing big. In fact mys sister deserved it. Bu anyway  see I have brought a large flower arrangement made by my own skill and diligence  . Please accept it as payment for my …. my.. my mistake yeah that’s it  “my mistake”.

God: Cain, your sacrifice is unacceptable. You cannot pay the price for even the smallest sin unless your life is taken. However if you bring the correct offering, I will forgive the offense.  Cain, you have a sinful nature but you must learn to turn away from sin and obey what I have said. Bring the lamb and I will forgive, otherwise your life you forfeit.

Cain: (Cain argues with God) .. But Lord, ...But But …

God: No Cain! There is but one acceptable offering. You must obey what I have said.

Cain: (Grumbling) … man, what a rotten deal … I don’t understand this

Abel: How did it go brother?

Cain : Fine, Just Fine now lets go home…. (Pause)

Abel : Are you sure your Ok – you look really upset?

Cain: I’m’ fine I said. Say look lets take a short cut home. Let’s cut through the corn field?

Abel OK.  (pause 10 seconds)

Abel: Cain, Brother, what are you doing? (struggle) .. No No – Please ….. AHHHHhhhhhhhh…..


Closing Message:


Ever since God created the world and placed man in it, He has told us that the penalty for breaking his laws is death. He has also told us that we have a sinful nature and all people have broken some law at some time.

Read: Rom 3:10 and 3:23

Cain did not understand why he could not pay the penalty. He did not understand why an innocent substitute like a lamb was needed. Today it is not much different as most people we know also cannot understand this concept. God did this because He is perfect and cannot be associated with sin.. Sin makes us completely untouchable by God and our best efforts cannot compensate for it.  But God  created us for Himself, to be with Him and  He loved His creations so much that he decided to send His one and only Son, Jesus, to redeem us. Jesus became one of his creations and came to earth to die. Though sinless himself, he gave up his life as the final substitute. His death provides the way for us to be forgiven by God. God taught men to bring the innocent lamb for centuries so when Jesus came we would recognize what God was doing. While Rom Chapter 3 teaches us that we must recognize ourselves as basicly sinful, but Rom chapter 6  and Gods message to Cain teaches us that while we must admit we are this way , and only Christ’s sacrifice and our belief in it credits us with right-ness before God, we must not accept sin in our lives. We must work hard to eliminate it. Not that we will earn our salvation, but that we will become who God wants us to be. A holy member of his body.