An Ancient Sound

A distant voice, A distant land,
A time forgot in drifting sand.
From there a message softly came,
A word with sound like blowing flame.

As some began to listen still
The sound increased its tremor till
a warmness fell on those who heard,
And each began to look assured.

Their eyes in tears, their hearts ablaze,
The ones who heard were so amazed
The word now took the solemn form
of one who stood within a storm.

And as they watched, they all were changed
their bodies, hearts and souls arranged
to last forever and to please
the one who gave his life for these.

What words were these that changed the day,
What message could have made them say
that they are now in fullness found
and ever more shall joyful sound.

The words were nothing more than these,
"I have returned and I am pleased".

David C. Klem 2000

BackDoor Bible Refrigerator Series