My Statement of Faith

 (*Dave Klem)

    The Nature of God:

    I believe that God is the Creator. He is an eternal being who created all there is. He exists in three distinct yet unified persons, known as the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.

    The Nature of Gods Word:

    I believe that God has a plan for his creation which includes mankind. He loves us and want us to know about Him. To this end He has sent us a message describing who He is, why He created us and what He wants for us and from us. This message is wholly contained in the Bible, his word.

    The Nature of Man:

    I believe that the life of man is eternal and our basic nature is sinful. After our bodily life on earth is ended man will rise either to live in the presence of God living in joy (eternal life or heaven) or rise to eternal separation from God living in torment (eternal death or hell). I believe the sole determining factor which decides a mans eternal state (salvation) is what a man believes about Jesus Christ.

    The Nature of Jesus Christ:

    I believe that Jesus Christ was God incarnate (God is human form) fully man and yet fully God. He came to earth to redeem man by dying as a substitute for us taking on him the punishment we deserve. He lived a sinless life, was killed, and rose bodily to life after 3 days. He lives today in heaven and is preparing the place for his redeemed. I further believe that Jesus is central to all scripture and history. Redeemed creation has been, is now and will be for Jesus Christ and He reigns over all. Jesus Christ is fully God.

    The Basis for Salvation:

    I believe salvation is granted to man by God when one admits he is sinful and deserves eternal death and believes that Jesus Christ, Gods only Son died to take the punishment for his sin. Good works are evidence of this belief and a mans commitment to it.

    The Work of the Holy Spirit:

    I believe that the Holy Spirit plays a key role in bringing people to Christ. It is by the Holy Spirit that men are convicted of their sinful state and enabled to believe Gods Word. The Holy Spirit also indwells man at the time of conversion giving him the ability to overcome sin and empowering him to do the work of God which is building up the "body of Christ".

    The Presence of Satan:

    I believe that Satan is a real (created) being who once served God. He turned against God and was cast to earth. He now commands a spiritual force which fights a spiritual battle against God and all those who follow Jesus Christ. His primary tactic is to encourage us to believe that everything Gods word says is false. He seeks not so much to make us believe in him, but rather to convince us that mankind’s future is the hands of anything and everything except Jesus Christ.

    The Imminent Return of Christ:

    I believe that Jesus Christ will return someday and gather His believers to be with Him. Believers will need to do nothing and go nowhere at this time for Christ will find them. For the believer, Jesus’ return (the rapture) will be as visible as lightning and we shall meet him in the air.


    * * *